Verifying solitary rice cakes….


“It is much more comfortable to be mad and know it,
than to be sane and have one’s doubts.”

~~ G. B. Burgin ~~


Cork, Ireland, from a football pitch above the city….

Hajime…. I suppose there is a certain virtue associated with feeling disappointment in life; it happens often enough to warrant such award, if the disappointment is borne with dignity. However, since dignity has been eliminated from my life, by choice and circumstance, I can honestly say it’s a fucking pain in the ass to have slept relatively normally, yet wake up & have my first thought manifest in complete denial, saying only, “Damn, I sure want to go back to bed!”….

Having successfully ignored myself, here I am, to make another attempt at coherence, with, perhaps, a dash of reason to fill it out nicely. I do so with some trepidation, admittedly, but, with strong hope, based entirely on wishful thinking. Given those parameters, perhaps the hope is misplaced, but, we’ll see how it goes. I do have the advantage of having had almost three full days to complete this particular mess, so, we’ll see if that plays into the final results. Personally, I can’t say there’s any evidence to suggest success, but, none seems to be jumping up on the negative side, either, so, we’ll have to see how it goes.

I am sure, given my fogginess, I could wander around here in the intro for some time, padding this in the front, so to speak, but, I don’t believe we’ll need any such shady techniques today, since I had enough time to make it reasonably right on the first shot. In fact, I’m going to show some confidence in the process, well-deserved, and bring this to a somewhat timely close. I won’t even have to use any of the Tardis Toys today, as we are making good time already…. All I need to do is this….

Shall we Pearl?

“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless,
unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

~~ William Wordsworth ~~


Playing For Change Logos

When one contributes to the cause with this organization, the first level of participation provides you with the title of PFC Ambassador, which gives the privilege of displaying the logo when sharing the music with others…. I’m happy to be a part of this cause, for it is one of the few real effective weapons the people of the world can claim as their own; it cannot be taken away…. It is also one of the two best weapons we have, to wit, love, and laughter, both of which bring light into darkness, turning it around from evil…. Here is one of the first videos they put together, with some fine musicians from around the world…. Enjoy!…..


Stand By Me





Sandclock .jpg

    I am attempting to work ahead a bit, but, in order to do so, must resort to archived material, as I am currently rant-free, though not by choice. However it may be, or seem, that, ffolkes, is the way it is…. Actually, I’ve found some decent stuff, so, count your lucky stars it isn’t fresh and depressing…. It’s old and depressing instead…. Hey, what do you expect? It’s a rant!…. Try to enjoy it anyway….

From 12/30/2012:

“History is a lie commonly agreed upon.”

~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~

I often wonder how the future will view these times, it being a given that the fabric of our society is based primarily on lies and/or delusions.* Which ones will stand the test of time, and end up in the books as being the one everyone agrees upon? It has also been said that history is always  written by the winners, and that seems to me to be fairly close to the real truth of the matter. It would be a bit more acceptable to me if it weren’t so bloody predictable, and that there was at least a small chance that the events we experience would be reported truthfully. Alas, I am not hopeful that will ever be the case…..

* (Note the use of the technique of the positively stated assertion, using the assumption of its truth as proven, the same as exemplified in ALL religious doctrines as the basis for their truth and relativity…. Just thought I’d make it clear, that this is real, serious stuff….    🙂     ….)

In all honesty, I’m not convinced that we, as a species, will have much of a future. Given the current state of the environment, I can’t see us lasting more than a couple hundred years more, without some major changes to society, changes that are not imminent, or even under consideration. When I first started this blog, over a year ago, I posted a link, to a World Clock at ( I love the human imagination!…..). You can find that clock here:  http://www.poodwaddlecom/clocks/worldclock/  This clock has a number of faces, one of which shows exactly how much CO and CO2, along with unnatural amounts of other toxic substances, are being pumped into the atmosphere every second, by industrial and manufacturing facilities, and by cars and other vehicles.

I am a scientist, first. I chose the path of the scientist in my youth, before my tenth birthday, before the warrior’s path I chose later. In essence, scientists ARE warriors, and vice versa, as battling the universe requires study to be effective, and acquiring knowledge requires the curiosity and courage of a warrior, in order to find, and face, Truth. Each path, or persona, complements the other, and, in my time, have led me on a journey of great beauty and wonder. This journey, though, is in danger of being ended before its time, by the asininity of the human race….

There are some scientists who believe humans do not have the power to harm the planet, and the danger is not as great as others, and the evidence, might indicate. In one respect, they are right…. I don’t think the planet itself is in danger from what we are doing, though I’m sure it is suffering pain from the symptoms we’ve managed to saddle it with in our time. No, our activities, such as polluting the air and water, wasting resources, and killing the other creatures we live with indiscriminately, only endanger us, and the other life forms on the planet. Once we are gone, the planet will easily clean itself of the trash we deposited everywhere, and move on to the next evolutionary step in the parade of Time.

“Where man walks the earth hurts.”

~~ Smart Bee ~~

Many years ago, I used to believe in the ingenuity of scientists, to overcome the technological difficulties we’ve created, and find a way to keep us alive, perhaps by colonizing space, and leaving Earth behind. But, the figures don’t lie, and the figures say we don’t have the time to fool around waiting for space travel to solve the problems we have. By the time we could achieve any kind of significant progress there, we would be forced to live in domes, and wear protective gear to go outside them, to walk on the surface of our own world. That is if there are enough remaining resources to build the domes, and to power them sufficiently to survive.

The other possible solution is for the ruling classes of our species to come to their senses, to reverse their moral compasses, and start acting in the best interests of everyone, instead of just themselves. The whole problem with pollution we have today exists solely because the ruling classes, the people who control all the resources, don’t have any moral compass, or, choose to deliberately ignore its demands. They choose to deliberately structure society in their own favor, so that they have the power and control over what occurs, while the rest of us try to survive on what they don’t want. It is the same picture that history has drawn for all the millenia since we came out of the caves to live in cities, and the 1% of mankind who is in control is not interested in helping anyone else, unless and until they have secured their own….

Even the lies we agree upon in history show this to be true, so I don’t think there is a huge chance that we will see any changes before it is too late for it to matter. I just don’t see those in the beloved ruling class all of a sudden reversing the entire course of the history they’ve chosen to allow to happen; it is not in their nature to be altruistic to even a small degree. We are either going to have to rise up and throw them out on their asses, or suffer an ignominious death, when the air we can no longer breathe begins to choke us as we walk down the street toward our destiny….. which at this point, leads only to a coffin…..

“I can’t decide which WRONG TURN to make first!! I wonder if BOB GUCCIONE has these problems!” — Zippy the Pinhead



Stray Cats

The veils that billow and fold
between dreams and reality
 may sometimes part,
showing the visions of one to the other,
blending, bleeding as one,
only to bring us up short,
closely jammed against immovable fate.

Still, we keep our watch,
seeking to find the vision
 that brings with it the mark of reality’s regard,
a humble mind, and a compassionate heart.

Events of broad impact draw us away again,
distracting with shiny glitter and tinny music,
leaving our feelings raw and bruised,
the victim of universal disregard.

Now, in the twilight of years, the music is fading,
and the glitter has all gone;
yet the memory of visions remains sharp and clear,
melancholy reminders of reality’s promises,




About Hopi Indian Symbols

    Today’s final old-school pearl took a while to put together, as SB was in a funny configuration, or something. I managed to persuade a nine-star necklace of gems to come together, but, the message they tell together isn’t clear until it’s all over. That, in and of itself, is a good thing; whether you think so is both another thing, and, in the final analysis, immaterial, as it is what it is…. I hope you enjoy it; it’s all good stuff, and offers a chance for some rather positive, helpful reflection…. Go figure….

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” — Confucius

“A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and  integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.” — Jacqueline Bisset

“I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.” — Galileo Galilei

“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.  That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand-in-hand.” — Emily Kimbrough

“Where the map differs from the terrain, believe the terrain.” — Swedish Army Manual

“For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” — Confucius

“When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.” — Things we can learn from dogs

For age is opportunity no less
Than youth itself, though in another dress.
And as the evening twilight fades away,
The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.
It is never too late to start doing what is right.

~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~~


I did it, with relative ease of effort, too. Since it’s a new day, we’ll use a new technique here at the end, which is rather abrupt, but, works quite well to bring things to a clean end. It works like this: Bye, ffolkes. See y’all tomorrow….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

Featured Image -- 2780

À bientôt, mon cherí….


4 thoughts on “Verifying solitary rice cakes….

  1. Morning and all that….I once saw a bunch of newspaper headlines about Napoleon…they started off making fun of him and ended making him sound like the 2nd coming….that illustrates how history is written at least to me….Wordsworth’s words are amazing….something to remember and strive for….well time for more coffee…see ya….chuq

    little Synchronicities..
    lead to bigger sticks
    scratching alphabets
    in sand.. recorded written
    words.. culture and voila.. culture
    becomes the virus over nice humans
    who have now become tHeir extensions
    to survive in life.. beyond hands.. arms.. legs..
    and feet…
    termed now
    as tools..
    and speaKing of
    tools the female form
    as far as a source of
    dopamine creativity
    is almost unlimited
    today.. now in
    the form
    new Penthouse
    views of what
    now gets
    with a
    force of creativity…
    So basically what this means is
    all cultures who cover women up lose..
    and all cultures who enhance the sexuality
    of women
    the God of Nature
    gAMe of muSinG
    Activity waYs…
    i dance for the muse..
    on Thursday niGht.. incredible
    the 18 to 21 teen spiRit that grows
    on one tHeir apparent..
    among those
    Even in our cultures
    it is easy to note
    full ways of
    of sour pusses
    covered down to their
    Ankles and up to their chins..
    until they get out of Christian
    School and bed the back of
    Nature is certainly
    beautiful from
    T to A.. in
    form now..
    and bRain
    to back..
    buTT leave any
    pArt of Nature out..
    and it stifles human
    potential up
    and down.. above
    so below and all around..
    ah.. and the golden rule joy
    as far as do to the earth as one
    would have the earth do to one in
    terms of giving and taking.. Porn of Art
    oF now to xXXtreme.. beats the real thing
    up and
    and all
    around too..
    inside and outside..
    in terms of living flesh
    fertilizing numbers of bunny
    eggs for human Zombie’s who
    never come into existence
    to eat/breathe/kill the
    rest of
    the resources
    uP.. before it’s now
    to lay to yes.. rest.. back
    in Mother Earth dust as
    Star DuSt we come and
    Star DUst
    and whatever
    comes again..
    wherever Nature
    goes.. as the dust
    settles iN Cycle
    as iS for
    NoW then
    Anyway.. iN and ouT oF
    terms oF consEnsuals iN
    sources.. the T
    real A
    are in this
    way saviors
    of the world aT
    least a little biT..
    wHere it counts.. in terms
    of potential productive and creative
    solutions to the world’s problems along
    with the ‘Xtra God Of Nature credit..
    for humans getting back
    iN balance with
    the rest of Nature
    yes.. again.. aka GOD..
    and that Brings me
    back then to now..
    the BiG Lebowski
    movie with Jeff Bridges
    as a Jesus Icon for the
    new age.. wHere he
    deals with a so-called
    Jackie Treehorn.. who
    iN truth is A real savior
    of the world.. in
    iN full
    touch with
    tHeir sensual
    Natures.. through electronic
    revolution of virtual entertaining
    sex.. then and now.. dam i Love
    the F iN common sense of that
    movie.. and how it pokes fun at
    the ignorance of God of Nature
    iN LiGht
    the way
    its always
    been for
    human primates
    like our Bonobo closest
    sexy relative beasts like uS..
    but OMG.. virtual.. once again..
    beats the flesh and blood
    in earth
    terms of
    sex.. the Earth
    is Spitting humans
    back.. out.. left and right..
    up and down.. and all
    around.. through the
    not so secret
    of human
    life.. that are
    the online tools..
    of 72 Virgins
    for Free..
    Yes.. praise the
    Lord tHeir iS trUly
    hope In Porn.. to save
    the frigging earth.. from
    humans who zip it up
    and use
    it too
    in places
    wHere iT Fits..
    what is up is down..
    what is sinner is savior..
    what is real that works
    iS what
    iS Savior
    oF the WORLD/liFE…
    God iS Free for change
    and so we are when sMart
    as God evolves uS
    as Nature
    to bE.. smart
    is as smArt does..
    aLL fREe foR aLLnoW..
    Love iS Love when iT saves
    liFE around the world FREE..:)

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