Regret makes a poor supper….


You probably can’t tell from where you’re sitting, but, I am not altogether….. well, anything…. I’ve been sitting here, on this side of the screen, for quite some time, just staring at the vast plain of unrelieved white, again, as my mind tries to find sufficient energy to write something more coherent than a simple “ugh”, which is about the extent of what is happening in there…. As you can see, however, nothing much is happening….

Yesterday, I took the young paduan pine cone for an outing into the City (that’s San Francisco, for those of you who live elsewhere in the world….). He/we had a great time, mingling with the massive crowds at the Ferry Building, and Fisherman’s Wharf. It was a gorgeous day in the City, if a bit breezy, and the citizenry came out by the tens of thousands to flock around all the shops and sights there, at Pier 39, the Wharf, and the Financial Plaza across the Embarcadero, where a craft fair sets up on the weekends….

We rode the ferry over from where we live, and wandered around for a good four hours, taking pictures of the young cone on his first trip to the City….. He was incredibly excited, and we managed to get a lot of good pictures….. However, I’m exhausted, even this morning, after eight solid hours of sleep; I blew right past any nap time I might have used, instead spending those hours walking around with the young cone, basking in the sun, and enjoying the panorama of humans on constant parade… As a result, I’m more than just a bit low on fuel today, which is making this a very difficult procedure…. I know, I’m whining, but, hey, I’m entitled…. I’m an American….

There…. that’s about all the rant I have in me today…. Yep…. You know what that means….I’m going to cheat, naturally…. what else did you expect? Section one will come from the archives, and the poem will come from someone else…. I’ve got enough in me to put out an old-school pearl, I’m pretty sure, so section three will be fresh, anyway; the photos from yesterday’s outing will have to wait until tomorrow…. I’m telling y’all now so, if you wish, you can skip the old stuff, or just go home hungry, should you not feel up to my cheating ways today…. I’d offer an apology, but, I’m not THAT nice a guy….

Actually, I am, but, since it’s MY blog, an apology isn’t legally required, any more than we are legally required to get paid for any of this…. which, come to think of it, is really too bad…. It would be nice to be able to get paid for what I’m going to do anyway…. Oh well, such is life, and we’re stuck with it just the way it is….. (I won’t bother to mention that, since I’m writing this, we’re not so much stuck with it, as we are stuck with it….)

Now, where was I? Oh, right, the rest of the Pearl…. Now that I’ve thoroughly confused, and possibly annoyed my entire reading base, I’ll get on with it, if only because it’s the only way I’ll ever get done….

Shall we Pearl?….

How sad and bad and mad it was!
But then, how it was sweet!

— Robert Browning (1812-1890) — Confessions, ix


As noted above, here is a rant, of sorts, from the archives….

From 7/10/2012:

“If you sincerely desire a _truly_ well-rounded education, you must study the extremists, the obscure and nutty.  You need the balance!  Your poor brain is already being impregnated with middle-of-the-road crap, twenty-four hours a day, _no matter what_.  Network TV, newspapers, radio, magazines at the supermarket… even if you never watch, read, listen, or leave your house, even if you are deaf and blind, the _telepathic pressure alone_ of the uncountable normals surrounding you will insure that you are automatically well- grounded in consensus reality.” — Rev. Ivan Stang — High Weirdness By Mail

Humanity exists, and anything that exists, can be expressed with mathematics. For our purpose here this morning, we will use the mathematics that describes the demography of the intellect. When looking at the whole body of people that comprises mankind, if you divide the different levels of intelligence, as rated by IQ, you will immediately see that as a whole, mankind can be expressed as a bell curve. Broken down most simply, there are about 5% of people who are genius’, about 15% slightly above normal, 60% average, 15% slightly below average, and 5% very, very slow thinking folks. It’s a bit simplistic, but it is accurate, believe me….. I’ve done the math…..

“The world is crazier than we think.” — MacNeice

In light of this, the statement above from the Reverend Stang becomes a truism, as well as pretty good insight. One cannot say they know what humanity is all about without including those who exist on the fringes, the 5% genius, and the 5% slow. This is obvious…. What is not so obvious is that one can use the same bell curve, and percentage breakdown, to describe the morality of mankind. We have 5% very ethical, morally upright folks, who act rightly, from right thinking. We have about 15% who mostly do good, and mostly try to be moral. We have 60% who very seldom consider either concept (morals & ethics) but generally act from right thoughts taught to them by their parents and peers. Again, there are 15% who act immorally a lot of the time, and 5% who are the actual acolytes of Satan, so to speak….

“Does history repeat itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce?   No, that’s too grand, too considered a process.  History just burps, and we taste again that raw-onion sandwich it swallowed centuries ago.” — Julian Barnes

What is unfortunate is that the 5% who are totally immoral, or rather, amoral, comprise the largest part of our beloved ruling class. They are joined by the 15% who mainly act immorally; this group is where you will find most priests and others in the sadly patriarchal hierarchies of the religion institutions.  This grouping is, to me, the most egregiously evil of all of them. Priests and preachers, in general, counsel their parishioners to obey the beloved ruling class, knowing full well that they are condemning them to slavery. I find this to be reprehensible, but the indoctrination given these people is so strong, they never even realize what they do; they even believe that they are being helpful.

My defence is of God, which saveth the upright… — Psalms 7:10

I believe that people should be treated with respect, right up until they provide evidence that they are not deserving of such, at which time, I place them into the bottom 20%, where I can regard them as fair game. This policy has provided me with numerous opportunities to puncture some of their balloons, when those silly fools come to the door wanting to proselytize to me about their religion. I have a great time with them, quoting to them from their own bible (whichever one it may be; I’ve looked through all of them….), and using their own premises to show them the fallacies. I’ve sent many a troubled young LDS elder back to the fold with a head full of doubts, and really enjoy the image that puts in my head about the next time they speak with THEIR elders…. the more discord and doubt I can sow in that fecund field, the better I like it.

So, I heartily agree with Reverend Stang, though probably for different reasons. I find it a bit unusual for a Reverend to recommend diversity in education at all, but, hey, no matter why, if he gets folks to at least look at the fringes, it can teach them a lesson or two they would never get in Bible Study classes…. and that is a good thing…..

Besides, I couldn’t resist writing about this, as the good reverend used the term “consensus reality”, and that, after all, is what I do…..


I’ve said it before, and will probably say again…. this is my favorite poem, of all I’ve ever read….

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

I like to think
(and the sooner the better!)
of a cybernetic meadow
where mammals and computers
live together in mutually
programming harmony
like pure water
touching clear sky.

I like to think
(right now please!)
of a cybernetic forest
filled with pines and electronics
where deer stroll peacefully
past computers
as if they were flowers
with spinning blossoms.

I like to think
(it has to be!)
of a cybernetic ecology
where we are free of our labors
and joined back to nature,
returned to our mammal
brothers and sisters,
and all watched over
by machines of loving grace.

~~ Richard Brautigan ~~


Y’all know what’s in store for you in this section; the only part you don’t know is the style of pearl to be presented…. which is a piece of information you will have to do without today, as I don’t know it…. This pearl may well approach a real, accurate definition of the word “random”, as I am refusing to apply ANY parameters at all…. We’re going with total impulse today, just to see how it works…. Enjoy!…..

“The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals.  It’s just that they need more supervision.” — Lynn Lavner

“Your reality is a figment of my imagination.” — Smart Bee

“Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.” — Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 847

“Of course the US Constitution isn’t perfect; but it’s a lot better than what  we have now.” — Eric Sheppard

I stood
Among them, but not of them; in a shroud
Of thoughts which were not their thoughts.

— Lord Byron (1788-1824) — Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto iii, Stanza 113

“Do you know that disease and death must needs overtake us, no matter what we are doing?   What do you wish to be doing when it overtakes you? If you have anything better to be doing when you are so overtaken, get to work on that.” — Epictetus

“My face is new, my license is expired, and I’m under a doctor’s care!!!!” — Zippy the Pinhead


Well…. there you have it. I should probably add, “such as it is”….. but, I won’t. It’s done, no matter what other flaws may be present, so, you’ll all just have to deal with it the best you can…. I’ll make sure to get the pix of today’s trip processed for tomorrow, so, that’s something, I suppose…. Somebody once told me to leave ’em wanting more, so, I’m outta here, at this point, where, if you DON’T want more, well, there’s no hope, for you, or for this blog…. See y’all tomorrow, ffolkes…

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest  Carole, Mark, and Theresa…
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

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