Grilled cracker crumbs with a pilsner….

Fantasy plot lines and silly rhymes; aggravating whistles with serious, delirious moments of clarity at odd times. This is how my mind works when searching for a subject line each morning. It’s a strange little process, (which fits right in), but it seems to work fairly well; there is always a subject line, isn’t there?……

“I have noticed that nothing I have never said ever did me any harm.” — Calvin Coolidge

This is a correction message…..awhile back, I was discussing a subject nearby, and happened use a paraphrase of this sentiment, and proceeded to attribute it to Harry Truman. I should have checked my memory, because it wasn’t Harry, but one of my other twentieth century favorite Presidents, Calvin C. It does sound like something Harry would have said, though……no comments needed, by the way. This is one of those that doesn’t require it. Just pay attention…..

“Meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss.” — Pete Townshend

That’s one of the problems with bosses, you know. They tend to resemble one another after awhile; I guess having power over others just isn’t a good thing for people’s souls. Most bosses I’ve had in this category were unjustifiably convinced of their own infallibility, and tended to look upon their job site as their own little kingdom, subject only to their whim. I can’t explain why it happens, but it does; almost everyone who enters into a position of authority becomes dogmatic, and a defender of the status quo, instead of becoming a leader, always alert for change and willing to compromise with rationality. Bosses who know they are working for their underlings, not the other way around, are few and far between…..

It’s like brother Nietzsche said–being human is a complicated gig, so give that dark night of the soul a hug and howl the eternal yes.

This sounds like it’s from Ken Kesey, or another of the Merry Pranksters, the iconic group of authors, poets, and musical artists in the early 1960’s who were the forerunners of the Hippie movement that grew out of the Beatnik culture in the fifties. Old hipsters like Shel Silverstein and Alan Ginsberg, Neal Cassidy, Jack Kerouac, Mountain Woman, and a host of transient companions wrote revolutionary music, revolutionary literature, and carried on a lifestyle deliberately crafted to annoy the ‘squares’, all intended to create an atmosphere of change in American society.

The spirit of challenge to authority, the spirit that brought our forefathers to the point of revolution, was revived in America’s youth, and continues today, in such events as the recent Occupy Wall Street protests. It may pull my covers to say so, but I’m glad the spirit of revolution is still alive in this country; we’re going to need all we can get of it in the next few years to bring to bear on the problems created by those in our society who would rather suffer abridgments to their personal liberty, maintaining an oppressive status quo, than take the more challenging, but less safe, path to the future……

“I contemplate with sovereign reverence the act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between church and state.” — Thomas Jefferson, to the Danbury (Connecticut) Baptist Association in 1802

All I can add to this is…..(Big SIGH…) Me too!…….Amen, my brother! The protection this part of the Constitution affords to the individual is, and has been, invaluable in maintaining our personal liberties. This protection is under serious attack just now, as the rich and powerful in society continue to seek to erode those liberties in the name of security from our enemies. Stay alert ffolkes, because those who would have us all live under one set of rules (theirs) have tunnel vision, and cannot see any other possible outcome than the one that feeds into their deliberate ignorance.

1.  Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. — Instructions for life

I love lists. They add so much order, and humor, to life. I wish I could find the entire list from which this was excerpted; it would be interesting, to say the least. I’ve found several of these Instruction, scattered about the tagline database I have, and they are always like this one; simply wonderful, and oh, so handy to use. Some, like this one, call for going beyond the effort that most folks make in their quest to ‘get by’ in life, but most are just good little snippets of wise advice.

I like two things about this particular Instruction. First, it is first. This idea is the basis for the concept of ‘paying it forward’, the realization that by doing good now, without expectation of reward, good will be with us in the future. Making this a habit has far-reaching effects, not limited to one’s self, but to all with whom they interact. People only reach their full potential as human beings when they are acting in service to others; no one seems to know why this is so, but the countless instances of proof  that can be seen all around us every day, and throughout history, completely corroborate the validity of the concept. And it is a powerful antidote to the evil we see each day, as the fearful and the ignorant wage the ageless battle between the dark and the light. It deserves to be put first…..

Secondly, I like the attitude it promotes. Cheerful, friendly service to others doesn’t just make them feel better, but is just as fulfilling for the perpetrator. The more one follows this practice, the more their whole life will improve. Relationships with relatives, friends, and strangers are stronger, and more enduring. Job performance improves, which improves one’s financial and social status, and sense of comfort. There’s just no downside to following this principle; it costs nothing, and the return on investment is astronomical…..

I’m always a bit surprised these days when I come to the end of another Pearl; it seems like I could keep writing forever. But, got important stuff to take care of today, and I’d best be at it. Y’all take care out there……

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.