All that? Over a few stale maraschinos?….


Reality’s habit of asserting its prerogatives can be disconcerting, to say the least. Suffice it to say, elements of a very real nature have precluded a fresh Pearl today. It also made the search for an appropriate re-blog fairly extensive, but, no worries; so are my archives. Though it took more time & effort to find one, it seems worthwhile, as this one is fairly decent, though it didn’t see much traffic. Those who did so seemed to enjoy it, so, here ’tis once again, to garner a bit more attention before sliding back into obscurity.

As winter has made a return engagement the past two days, I should be able to go fresh by tomorrow; that isn’t a promise, though, as I’m too old to predict much of anything with certainty. Let’s just say, I will return, tomorrow if possible… Y’all take care out there, & try to enjoy the time we humans have left, which could be a much shorter time than any of us believe….which isn’t a prediction, just an observation….

See ya….

gigoid, the dubious



….. And, then, I woke up…. only to find the same white screen staring me in the face, with, again, absolutely no idea what to put on it, to relieve the vast, frightening, vacant blankness….. I am faced with what is becoming my signature struggle, to come up with something catchy, or startling, or any other adjective that would lend itself to getting people to read this, and to providing some sort of incentive for them to come back for more….

It seems that much of the traffic I end up with are folks who are attracted by the title, which as y’all know, has nothing at all to do with what is in these Pearls…. It also seems likely that those who haven’t been here before, and drop in because of what the title promises, might be disappointed to find that, for example, Papal edicts do offer wholesale…

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