Novitiates aren’t expected to tango so well….


Tomorrow, I get to spend another day with my granddaughter. While I’m happy about that, I’m also still recovering from the last time we got together, to more of a degree than might otherwise be expected. I spent yesterday, and plan to spend today, lost in my own head while I allow my body to rest. While creating fresh Pearls remains a therapeutic practice, I find the rest to be as necessary…. All this goes to support today’s decision to re-blog rather than create, so, we’ll all have to deal with it as best we can…. I AM working on a new poem, & hope to have it ready for the next post, hopefully tomorrow, but, more likely on Monday. In the meantime, please enjoy this treatise from 2013, which meanders around the head I wore at the time rather extensively…. I’ll be back with some fresh thoughts as soon as I can pull it together… See ya, ffolkes.

Blessed Be

gigoid, the dubious




The glory of autumn’s yearly advent, with it’s increasingly cold temperatures, and ever-growing daily cloud cover, greeted me as I awoke this morning…. Strangely enough, I was NOT outside, camping in a tent, nor was I sleep-walking, so this meant somebody, who shall remain nameless, left the windows wide open! Grabbing the nearest t-shirt, I jumped up (as much as I can at this stage in life…), and came out to get started on today’s Pearl. The entire space-time continuum breathed a heavy sigh of relief as I entered the kitchen, to find my coffee already brewed and waiting for me….. the same heavy sigh that escaped my lips upon taking in that first, life-giving sip…..

Today, and the next few days, promises to be an epic story, as I head off for the wilds of Texas once again, braving the land of the Shrub to honor my…

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