The world is my oyster, I shall not whine….


In truth, I do have 9/10 of a Pearl ready to post. However, events in the BBR have issued a compelling call to go walkabout, which I cannot ignore. The direct result, of course, is this re-blog from 2015, to let y’all know there will be a fresh Pearl tomorrow morning, early PST, if Reality maintains the current consistency long enough to permit it. That said, I really must go forth, and battle with those elements in society we all hate, but, must acknowledge. SIGH…. I guess it’s like Zippy said, & I related recently, to wit: “Civilization is fun! Anyway, it keeps me busy.”

Y’all be well, be safe, & be as happy as you may be…. I’m goin’ walkabout. See y’all tomorrow, rain, shine, or whatever….

gigoid, the dubious




“Don’t store garlic near other victuals.”

~~ Lazarus Long ~~

Posing LeeluLeelu, platting her next move….

Hajime…. Today, our opening line from Lazarus Long has more meaning than usual, as well as more than is immediately obvious upon first reading it. To understand Lazarus’ point, one must put in some heavy, yet subtle thought on the matter, before the light dawns….. Some see it right away, but, for those who do not, & may mistrust me on this, let me assure you, it isn’t talking just about garlic….

For us, today, it has more meaning because it fits in with the day I had yesterday… at least, up until writing this, of course. Who can say what may happen after? Not me, nor will I even attempt such foolishness. I AM old enough to know better; moreover, I’m old enough to listen when I tell myself that.

I was awakened…

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