A large herd of nincompoops passed by here…..


Honest, I AM working on a new Pearl. That is to say, I am, on rare occasions between adventures in the BBR, slowly putting together a freshly made Pearl for your perusal. For today, as a sop to my overdeveloped sense of misguided need to post enough to keep at least a few Gentle Readers on the roll, I am re-posting this fine old-school Pearl from mid-2013, prior to my long-dreamed-of trip to Europe. It’s a good example of the breadth & depths into which my mind delved during those dark days of opioid addiction, now past, thankfully. I hope you enjoy it, enough to come back again when I get a fresh Pearl up for viewing. Until then, it will have to do, to sublimate my urges, and, to soothe any warranted, or unwarranted, need on your part to read this nonsense…. I guess it’s better than a sharp stick to the eye, yes? Say yes, then I’ll leave you be….

See ya in a day or two….

gigoid, the dubious, still busy in the real world….



Weird…. the thoughts going through my head are quite simply, weird. Of course, this is not new, nor is it surprising; I’ll bet even you didn’t react much when I said it…. because, I’m sure, it has been previously established that weirdness, and this blog, are one and the same thing….. What this means, in terms of today’s intro, is that I’m once more stuck in my head, and can’t come up with anything to write about, other than the trouble I’m having thinking of something to write about…. It’s almost an endless loop, which, if I fall into it, will keep me stranded in literary limbo forevermore….. The question I have to ask myself at this point is, do I want to allow myself to fall into that loop, or keep on writing…. it’s a tough decision these days…..

I am convinced that if I don’t write, my…

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